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Dave and Jenny Piker

"Physical fitness has always been important to us in order to lead an active and healthy life.  Stanís Fitness Center has a professional staff and a variety of equipment that meets our exercise goals.  Stanís has a friendly atmosphere where everyone is supportive whether you have been working out for years or just beginning a fitness program.
- Dave and Jenny

Carole Barr

Stanís Fitness Center has all that Iím looking for Ė great equipment, flexible hours and helpful staff.  There is enough variety to keep me from getting bored and there is always knowledgeable staff available to help when I decide to try out a new piece of equipment.

I joined Stanís soon after he opened the first center on Walnut Street.   My fitness goal was to increase my strength and improve my cardiovascular fitness.  Iíve always suffered from lower back problems so using equipment that minimizes the possibility of injury while increasing my strength is perfect.

My overall strength has improved and my back i
s no longer a constant problem.  I hope Stan is around for at least another 30 years or so! "   - Carole

 LeRaye Cameron

"I have always been interested in exercise, hiking, running, tennis, and then, weight lifting. Because of my husbandís interest in weight training, he started us going to Nautilus when the business first came to town in 1979 and opened on Walnut Street.  I have continued my training for 30 years. 
I like the variety of the Nautilus circuit machines, free weights, and aerobic equipment. I especially like the elliptical trainer which is easier on my hips.  Last summer I enhanced my workouts with the guidance of a personal trainer at Stanís, who did a variety of things so my body would not get used to just using certain muscles and focused on strengthening my core.

I am especially dedicated to working out at Nautilus [Stan's] because I have some neck issues.  My doctor emphasized the importance of strengthening my shoulder muscles to support my neck and loosen it up. Of course I want to keep all of  my other muscles toned up too.  Itís important to exercise my muscles as I grow older, so that I donít lose strength.

Several years ago my husband and I went through a Coronary Improvement Program at Maple Center, where we learned about all facets of heart disease and heart health. The knowledge I acquire through a program such as this, as well as my reading, is motivation to keep me dedicated to exercise as part of a healthy way of living. "    -LeRaye

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